LANXESS offers a variety of Addovate® multi-purpose silicon-free emulsifiers and foam stabilizers which can be used in the production of ester-based flexible and rigid foams as well as cellular hot cast elastomers, e. g. based on NDI-technology.

Foams and cellular elastomers made with Addovate® products are used in a wide range of applications, including technical and textile foams, automotive moulded foams and auxiliary dampeners, buffers for construction industry and many others.


Addovate® emulsifiers and foam stabilizers enable a proper emulsification / dispersion of formulation components, thus enabling a homogeneous foaming mixture. They stabilize the foam structure during rising and prevent foam from collapsing, inhibit coalescence of gas bubbles and thus provide cell size control.


Addovate® emulsifiers are silicon-free and can thus be used in critical applications, where use of silicon-based products is undesirable. This can be especially advantageous in clickable foams due to improved die-cutability.