LANXESS offers a selection of Addolink® crosslinkers for the use in cast and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers as well as in branched polycarbonates.


Products made with Addolink® crosslinkers are used in a wide range of applications, such as mining sieves, paper mill and printing rolls, footwear, sporting goods, pipeline inspection gauges, wheels and rollers and many others.


2-functional Addolink® crosslinkers (chain extenders) are suitable for TDI- as well as MDI-based chemistry and can be used to replace MOCA-based systems with suitable prepolymers. Chain extenders react with isocyanates to polar urethane or urea domains which can agglomerate via intermolecular interactions and build stiff, crystalline, so called “hard”, segments as opposed to flexible “soft” segments built up by long-chained polyols. This segmented structure is responsible for the excellent mechanical properties of PUR elastomers.



3-functional Addolink® THPE is a special crosslinker for branched polycarbonates which provides an improved melt stability in the blow-moulding process and gives no noticeable discoloration, thus enabling the production of optically high quality products, such as transparent twin-sheet panels.