LANXESS offers a selection of polyurethane catalysts based on tertiary amines and organometallic compounds. Addocat® catalysts are used for the production of rigid and flexible foam as well as in CASE applications.


Products made with Addocat® catalysts are used in a wide range of applications, such as

·        Thermal insulation, e. g.  sandwich panels, pipes, spray and pour-in-place insulations in the construction industry, 1K and 2K cartridge foams for DIY market, appliances like refrigerators;

·        Technical & textile foams, coatings, adhesives and many others.


Selection of a proper catalyst system is crucial to ensure not only efficiency but also stability and selectivity of the production process.


This is especially true in case of polyurethane foams. Here Addocat® catalysts ensure the proper balance between the gelation reaction (ISO/Polyol) and the blowing reaction (ISO/Water).


Addocat® catalysts with an appropriate reactivity profile provide enough time for the initially low viscosity foaming mixture to uniformly fill cavities of even very intricately shaped moulds, thus ensuring homogeneous and optimal material properties.



Properly selected Addocat® catalyst can also beneficially impact final properties of the product, such as adhesion of the rigid foam to various facings in sandwich panels.