Hydrolysis Stabilizers

Stabilizers, which extend the service life of plastics and polyurethanes, are often the key components that enable the use of these materials in critical applications.

Polymers containing ester groups, or manufactured by polycondensation, generally display a weakness when attacked by water or moisture, particularly at elevated temperatures. This degradation or breakdown of polymers by water and acids is known as hydrolysis. Our Stabaxol® portfolio of hydrolysis stabilizers provides additive solutions especially suited to improve the hydrolysis resistance of polycondensates, expanding their range of applications. Using Stabaxol® improves the cost/benefit ratio in well-established applications. Considerable raw material-related cost advantages may also be achieved in applications that normally require more expensive materials (e.g. high-perfor¬mance plastics). Thanks to their cross-linking effects in plastics, some Stabaxol® types (polymers) can potentially have secondary beneficial effects as agents in a whole range of processing operations.

Stabaxol® has a worldwide reputation as the most effective anti-hydrolysis agent for many polymers, including PU, PET, PBT, TPU, TPE-E, EVA and bio-based Polyesters like PLA or PHA. Typical applications include cable sheathing, surface coatings of rollers, sieves used in paper manufacture, injection-molded parts for electronics, auxiliary springs in cars, shoe systems, drive belts, membranes and seals. 

LANXESS´s Stabaxol® product range has a leading position in the worldwide market for hydrolysis stabilization. We offer:

  • A large range of quality products based on the most varied active ingredients,
  • Development of Stabaxol® masterbatches tailored to customer requirements,
  • Analytical expertise to evaluate the use of Stabaxol® in customer applications,
  • Development of new products with better performance, higher cost efficiency and improved toxicological and eco-toxicological properties.