Customer Support

LANXESS has been operating bromine and bromine derivative production in the United States for more than 40 years.

We have the strongest position in the United States for bromine production based on the access we have to quality brine resources in areas of South Arkansas which can be economically developed to manufacture high quality bromine for sale to customers or for use to manufacture products like GeoBrom® for Mercury Control technologies. Our long history of U.S. manufacturing and growth continues to be fueled by substantial investments in our South Arkansas operations to support and develop these rich resources. With substantial investments made in the last four years and another significant investment planned through 2020, we are committed to being a sustainable partner. In addition, LANXESS is also expanding its global footprint for bromine and derivative production so that we can use our valuable resources for effective regional and global supply where they can best be utilized. We take pride in managing supply security and sustainability for our customers by having multiple sources of elemental bromine globally and, specifically, in the United States with three production plants.

Focusing on the customers' needs drives us to seek solutions to the challenges you face.

In order to provide a reliable supply of product to our customers, we manage multiple sources for GeoBrom® products and strategic storage locations where our customers operate their facilities. Our goal is to have material available to deliver to any U.S. location within 24 hours, if required, and to have the resources in place to supply to any coal consuming region globally. We are taking the steps necessary for supply security so that our customers do not have to.

Products are only a part of the complete package of solutions that LANXESS provides to our customers.

Because of our long history and experience with GeoBrom® products, we have the expertise to share with our customers to assist them in developing, constructing, and utilizing our products in their facilities in a secure manner that is accomplished with little disruption and with maximum safety and environmental diligence. We also can provide unit design assistance and safety training for our products.
We take pride in making the entire order process, from order placement to invoice payment, as worry-free as possible through creative solutions and dedicated customer care resources to provide what each customer and customer location requires for seamless operations. We also provide strategic stock, logistics support, and assistance for test trials at facilities so that our customers can best identify the technology that will fit their needs. We also have flexible packaging options for the best supply situation for customer facilities.

LANXESS: a versatile, experienced and reliable partner for operating your Mercury Control technology efficiently and effectively.