Meth-O-Gas® Applicator Education Program

LANXESS places the highest priority on product stewardship and safe handling and use of our fumigant products. Our Meth-O-Gas® Applicator Education Program provides certified applicators with the additional training they need to use our commodity fumigants safely and effectively. Successful completion of our Meth-O-Gas® Training and a valid certified applicator license are required prior to purchase of Meth-O-Gas® products. Meth-O-Gas® applicator training renewal is every 2 years. Access to the Meth-O-Gas® training site is controlled. If you have questions about the training, are having problems accessing the site, or if this is your first time to take the online training, please contact us

Meth-O-Gas® Applicator Education Program

Soil Fumigant Applicator Training Program

A registrant soil fumigant training program has been developed with EPA to provide the mandatory training that is required for applicators prior to use of soil fumigants. The soil fumigant training site is hosted by a third party contractor. See the EPA website at www.epa.gov/fumiganttraining for details.