Product Stewardship

The products that the Fumigants business distributes are restricted use pesticides. Consequently, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) pesticide regulations control who can purchase these products. Further, the purchaser must have special training and state and federal licenses to purchase these products. We and our distributors monitor the status of these licenses to make sure only licensed, authorized companies/applicators purchase the product.

In addition to the FIFRA requirements for purchase of pesticides, the Fumigants business sells product only through approved qualified distributors, who meet our strict product stewardship requirements and who meet all regulatory requirements. Because of this tight control, we monitor sold-to and ship-to destinations as the products are sold. We also periodically audit our distributors for compliance to FIFRA, OSHA, DOT, and DHS security requirements, and to our business product stewardship requirements.

End-use applicators of our products are also required to take our online training to qualify to purchase our fumigant products. Our distributors enforce our training requirements.

Additionally, we provide extensive information on our products through our FIFRA compliant labels and the product (M)SDS.

Our product stewardship program provides fumigators with the highest quality product and the most up-to-date product and regulatory information they need to use our products safely and effectively. And, our active defense and advocacy efforts provide our customers and the public with an effective way to protect the world's food supply.

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