Methyl bromide and chloropicrin fumigants have been protecting the world's food supply for many decades. It's easy to take agricultural products such as grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes for granted. But there are several reasons why these crops and commodities have been so abundant and affordable.

Farmers have relied on LANXESS fumigants to improve crop yields through pre-plant soil fumigation and to protect grain and other stored food sources from contamination.

Commodity importers have relied on LANXESS fumigants to eliminate non-native and exotic pests from imported crops and commodities. In addition, by controlling a wide variety of food-destroying pests, our fumigants enable developing nations to prosper by exporting their grapes, certain fruits, and other high-value agricultural products to world markets.

Food processing facilities have relied on LANXESS fumigants to directly protect our food supply from pest contamination. This means that consumers can have confidence in the quality and safety of the produce and processed foods they purchase for their families.

Importers and Exporters of wood packaging materials also rely on methyl bromide fumigants to prevent the spread of non-native pests.

The LANXESS Fumigants Business offers a full line of commodity and soil fumigant products based on methyl bromide and/or chloropicrin. Our brands include Meth-O-Gas® and Terr-O-Gas®.

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