Clear Brine Fluids

Customer Support

LANXESS provides high-quality clear brine fluids for use in oilfield completion and fracturing applications. LANXESS’ bromide brine solutions are produced in density ranges from 12.5 (Sodium Bromide) to 19.2 (Zinc Calcium Bromide) pounds per gallon for reliable use in deepwater oilfield use. Our highly experienced and trained Customer Care team provides a full range of services to customers, starting with accurate and responsive order placement and timely delivery.

LANXESS manages multiple storage locations for our products globally so that we can quickly respond to customer requests. Our Calcium and Sodium bromide products are available in aqueous solutions and also dry powder products for use in the required application. Products are supplied in bulk in trucks and railcars and also in IBC totes and drums where required.

We have the ability to respond to the dynamic supply situations that confront the oilfield industry in order to help our customers successfully complete projects that produce oil and natural gas that help to efficiently and effectively power the world in which we live.