Clear Brine Fluids

LANXESS high quality, solids-free Clear Brine Fluids are an important part of oil exploration and development. They are used in the preparation of the well equipment for production including insertion of liners, screens, packers, and other equipment. Bromide fluids are unique in that they are high density fluids that are suitable for deepwater production and also for high temperature and high pressure oil and gas formations. They allow for well pressure control and help to protect the formation so that oil and gas production is both efficient and economical. Our specialty brine fluids are available in a wide range of densities to meet the unique pressure characteristics of each well and meet the stringent requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Bromides are only used for conventional offshore drilling operations in the field of deep water drilling. They are not used for unconventional exploration, such as onshore shale oil or gas hydraulic fractioning.